Sustainable Kitchens is a consulting firm that specializes in elevating non-commercial
food service programs.

Owner and president, Justin Johnson believes passionately that so-called, “institutional” food service, does not need to fit a predictable mold. Over the course of his 17 year career, Johnson has challenged conventional wisdom and pushed non-commercial food service operators to develop a real relationship with the food and the people they serve. This has led Johnson to receive national acclaim and recognition for the focused efforts that he adheres to simply because, in his words, “I don’t know another way.”

Johnson studied at both, Le Cordon Bleu Chicago and the CIA and has been recognized by such publications as The National Culinary Review, Today’s Dietitian and Food Service Director magazine, to name a few. In 2013, Johnson was honored by the National Restaurant Association for “Operator Innovations in Sustainability” for developing a farm-to-table restaurant in a Wisconsin hospital.

Now, Justin Johnson and Sustainable Kitchens would like to help YOU!