Happy People. Happy Kitchens.

"Justin was instrumental in developing our Food is Medicine vision for Harvest Market, leading facility design, menu development and staff development. Justin has done an exceptional job!"


-Tina Crave, Chief Experience Officer

"Justin was successful in designing an efficient work flow in the kitchen. It is miles from what it was when he first arrived. He thoroughly assessed the kitchen and was able to improve the working conditions quickly."


  -Allison Katula, Vice President/COO

"Chef Justin Johnson is an extraordinary chef that has always been ahead of the trends and is always innovative. He has a passion for food and creativity you can't find anywhere else."


  -Cary Buriegi,
Senior Marketing Manager

Our Services


Whether you’re just starting out, or expanding your business to the next phase of growth,
Sustainable Kitchens can help you succeed.

  • Culinary Basic Training
    We design and teach comprehensive culinary basic training courses tailored to the needs of YOUR operation.
  • Unique Recipe Development
    Moving to a menu comprised entirely of unique and scratch-made recipes can seem like a daunting task. Our skilled chefs will not only conceive and develop an archive of recipes just for your operation, but we will involve you in the process.
  • Employee Handbooks
    Our complete, concise and colorful employee handbooks will serve as a quick reference guide and easy-to-navigate tool for all the members of your team to understand exactly what the mission of your operation is, as well as, YOUR expectations of THEM.
  • DNA Branding Sessions
    One of the most common pitfalls of any food service operation is not knowing your identity or where you fit into the marketplace. Through one of our fun DNA Branding Sessions, we will zero in on exactly who your customer is and what they expect from you.
  • Policy and Procedure Development
    From food safety to work place conduct, we will create and implement all the necessary Policies and Procedures in order to ensure that your team is upholding the highest standards of, not only your organization, but local and state food code.
  • Essential Operational Protocols and Processes
    In order to maintain continuity through what will be a challenging transformation, Sustainable Kitchens will employ a series of essential operational protocols and processes.
  • Implementation of Sustainable Practices
    It can have a tremendous impact on the morale of your staff and the support of your customers to know that you are sourcing locally, renewing your waste, or even preparing food with ingredients grown on your own property.
  • Marketing and Public Relations
    Once you’ve created a world class food service program, you’ll want the world to know! Sustainable Kitchens will help you get the word out to your customers that new, better-for-you food is now available.


We specialize in elevating food service programs.


Let us nurture you through change as we build a one-of-a-kind operation together.